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AC Replacement

If your air conditioning isn’t working like it should, then we can provide you with professional AC replacement.

Offering AC Replacement to Clients Near Gibsonton, FL, Tampa, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Having a properly working air conditioning system is vital if you live in the Gibsonton, FL area. If yours has stopped working correctly, then sometimes repairs can help—but other times, they simply won’t cut it. At that point, you’ll need a full AC replacement—which is where we come in.

At Nice Price AC Services, we’re prepared to provide outstanding AC replacement service to clients throughout the local area. When you get an AC system from us, we can make sure that the job is done perfectly. We’ve been working in this industry for over 25 years and, as such, have been able to handle all sorts of AC replacements. This means that, by choosing us, you know that the job will be done right. Just reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do.

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Making Sure the Job Is Done Right

If your AC isn’t working properly, the first step is to determine whether you really need a full AC replacement or if you just need repairs. When you call our team, we can come out to take a look at your unit and assess the damage. From there, we can give you our recommendation on which option you should go with. Generally, this decision will be based on the extent of the damage, the cost to repair the damage, and the age of the unit, among other things. We’ll provide you with a free, honest estimate; this way, you can get a better idea of what you’d like to do.

If you decide you want to replace your AC, then we’ll get to work. We work with all brands, including Rheem, Trane, and Carrier, and can help you determine what option would work best for your needs. From there, we’ll completely remove the old unit, then install the new one. Our professionals are incredibly skilled and will pay close attention to even the smallest of details; ultimately, our goal is to make sure that you get the fantastic results you deserve. By choosing us, you can be satisfied that your AC replacement will be handled perfectly.

Trust Us to Assist You

You deserve to have fantastic AC replacement service. At Nice Price AC Services, we’re ready to give it to you. We have decades of experience and a commitment to excellence. We care deeply about our clients and will treat them like members of our own family. This means providing respectful service, working with care, and always going the extra mile to ensure you get fantastic results. We are one of Gibsonton, FL’s top air conditioning companies—and we want to help you see the difference we can make. Consider giving us a call today to learn more and to get your free estimate. We can provide you with a range of financing options.

What Are the Signs You Need to Get an AC Replacement?

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    Older Unit

    One of the biggest reasons to get a new air conditioning installation is simply because it’s getting old! Generally speaking, most air conditioning units will last between 15 and 20 years. Once they get past that, they’ll really start to show their age. Older units often won’t work as efficiently, may be more prone to damage, and can have other issues. If your unit is on the older side, then it’s often less expensive—and less hassle—to simply get an AC replacement from a professional HVAC contractor.

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    Frequent Repairs

    Have you noticed that your air conditioner breaks down constantly? Do you have to call an HVAC contractor constantly to get it fixed? Does it feel like you’re sinking an excessive amount of money into something that just doesn’t seem to work properly? If so, then it’s like time to consider getting an AC replacement. Frequent repairs often mean that there’s something more serious wrong with the unit—and that means that you’ll likely be spending more money in the future.

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    Extensive Damage

    Sometimes, you need to replace an air conditioner because you have to repair it relatively often. Other times, however, you might need to get an AC replacement not because of how often you have to schedule repairs but because of the extent of the damage. There are some things that are simply impossible to repair—it’s not going to make much sense to try and repair a 15-year-old AC with a porous evaporator coil and a failed compressor, for example. Other times, an HVAC contractor could feasibly repair your unit, but it’d be far too expensive to do so. At this point, it’s likely better just to get a new air conditioner installation rather than try to go through the time and hassle of getting it fixed.

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    Higher Energy Bills

    Sometimes, it’s relatively obvious when you need to get a new air conditioner. Other times, however, the signs might be a little more subtle. For example, have you noticed that your energy bills have spiked, and you can’t figure out why? The culprit might be your air conditioning system. As your air conditioning system ages, it’ll start working less efficiently. This, in turn, means that it’ll need to use more energy to keep your house cool—which means that your monthly bills will likely be much higher. If you’ve noticed your bills have increased, then it could be your first sign that something is wrong—and it means that you might want to consider getting your unit replaced.

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    Less Cool Air

    Have you started to notice that your home just isn’t getting as cool as it used to? Are you starting to sweat, even while you’re indoors? If so, then it might be time to finally consider getting that new air conditioner. Less cool air is a sign that your air conditioner isn’t working as efficiently as it should. Not only will this mean that you won’t be as comfortable, but it can also lead to potentially greater expenses in the future. Getting HVAC installation and replacement service from a professional is generally your best option to help keep your property cool.